At Jewelry Expressions, we pride ourselves having 42 years of knowledge and experience creating fine quality jewelry that can be handed down from one generation to the next. We are defined as a trustworthy, personable, and reliable store that specializes in:

Handmade custom designs, simple repairs to reconstruction of your cherished antique jewelry, restringing of pearls, machine engraving, fine engravings on firearms, appraisals, finest color gems, and certified diamonds of any size.

In addition, Jewelry Expressions carries scriptural bookmarks designed and hand-finished by Hans and Lynn with a unique flare of handmade jewelry.

Hans was born in Moenchengladbach, Germany. At age 14, Hans began his dream of becoming a Goldsmith. After successfully completing the apprenticeship at age 18, Hans had an opportunity to travel to America. His first stop was New Orleans, Louisiana where he met Lynn.
Lynn was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and ironically on Mardi Gras day. Her New Orleans roots reveal “the good old southern hospitality”.

Throughout the years, Hans and Lynn have traveled from Louisisana to Minnesota, and finally, to Georgia. Here in Georgia, they find their opportunity to make their passion reality: a unique jewelry store that offers something special for all ages.